About BFF

Jo - trainerHi, my name is Joanne Pisani and I am the owner of B.F.F.

As I was growing up, I was always active. Throughout school I experienced many different sports netball to basketball to little athletics then volleyball where I settled for several years competing in 2 national championships.

After volleyball, I tried karate for a little while. Mmmm, this wasn’t for me. So I got into aerobics for a number of years…..just for fun.

Aerobics took me into a gym in my late teens where bodybuilding became my thing for approximately six years winning 2 state competitions and competing in 1 national championship.

From bodybuilding, it was back into aerobics……….just for fun. Then I had my 2 daughters and life became a little bit quieter. Well, in the sporting world anyway.

A few years ago I decided it was time to get back into things. Wish I decided this sooner.

It was after a friend at work told me that she went to a boxing session one night and I thought mmmmmm, I’d really like to have a try of that. No………..actually, I really need!!! to have a try of it!!!. Here I developed my passion for boxing. So thank you friend (you know who you are) 🙂 I have never looked back.

Throwing a punch (for exercise of course) is soooooooooo satisfying, great for stress, and soooooo much fun. Join a great group (like mine) and you can have a lot of laughs too.

Boxing sessions can be as intense or as laid back as you wish. You get out of it the energy that you put into it. No matter your age, or your fitness level, boxing is a great way to improve your fitness, health and wellbeing.

So come on, get off the couch and why not give boxing a go.

Session times and prices are available, oh, and if you have children 8 and over that would like to join in, boxing can be good for building their confidence as well as getting fit.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for further information.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours sincerely

My qualifications: Level 1 Thump Boxing Instructor, Advanced Level Thump Boxing Instructor, Level 1 Punchfit Boxing Instructor, Advanced Level Punchfit Boxing and Kickboxing, Group Exercise Leader, Cert IV Training and Assessment, Cert IV in Fitness and PT, Senior First Aid, pre & postnatal certification, police cleared to work children