FREE FIRST CLASS – please call or text 0402 404 997 to book in for your free trial class.

All of our classes are available inhouse and via live stream.

We are a family friendly place and while we don’t have a creche as such, children are welcome to come and watch, or from as young as 8years old, join you in the class.

Hybrid Boxing

(60min duration)

The Hybrid is a class developed as a work around due to Covid and this type of class (which members have come to know and LOVE!) allows people to continue Boxing (BEST exercise EVER!) in a safe space.

The Hybrid class:

  • 60min class
  • Allows people from beginners to the more experienced, from young to the more senior, to exercise in a safe environment
  • Allows You to work on & off a free standing boxing bag;
  • You are never on a bag at the same time as another person; and
  • Your workout includes a combination of strength, conditioning & cardio to give your session (& your body) variety 🥊👟💪

Throwing a punch (for exercise of course) is soooooooooo satisfying, great for stress, and soooooo much fun.

Boxing sessions can be as intense or as laid back as you wish. You get out of it the energy that you put into it. No matter your age, or your fitness level, boxing is a great way to improve your fitness, health and wellbeing.

Hybrid Boxing – Paired Option

(60min duration)

Pre Covid, our classes consisted primarily of people who paired together with gloves and focus pads. People also had the option to go on a freestanding boxing bag if they chose.

As mentioned above, due to Covid we developed the Hybrid Class. While the Hybrid class now primarily consists of people who are on a freestanding boxing bag, people still have the option to pair with others if they choose.

Hybrid Boxing – Express Class

(45min duration)

This is a 45min version of the 60min class, developed to accommodate people who are short on time.

HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training

(30min duration)

This is a 30min fast paced class, which includes multiple stations of various exercises working strength, cardio, conditioning, balance and coordination. Even though only 30minutes, You can expect to finish the class with your tank emptied.


(30min duration)

Do this class either on its own or following the HIIT Class. Work your core to the core. Develop your abdominal muscles which will give you long term benefits.

Strength and Conditioning

(30min duration)

This is a fun Aerobic class based on all over muscle conditioning. With regular attendance you should find improvements to your fitness, posture and overall condition.


(60min duration)

Yoga increases overall strength and flexibility. It decreases tension, and helps to overcome stress and anxiety.

Classes are suitable for all levels and any age. Come and unwind your mind and body under our beautiful star projector.

Bring along some snuggly clothes or blankets for relaxation at the end of the class.

*We do have spare mats and blankets which your more than welcome to borrow.