FREE FIRST CLASS – please call or text 0402 404 997 to book in for your free trial class.

Q: Do you offer a try out class?
A: Yes. Absolutely. First session is FREE! to try out

Q: What if I have never boxed before?
A: All of our boxing classes are suitable for all levels of experience. Before the class, we will also give you a run through of basics so that you can commence the class with some awareness.

Q: Do I need to book in for a class?
A: Yes.  Bookings are essential as numbers are limited and we want to ensure we have a space/bag available for you.

Q: What do I need to bring?
A: We do have spare everything for all classes (i.e. Boxing – gloves, focus pads, cotton inners, wraps. Yoga – blocks, mats, blankets). Your more than welcome to bring your own if you prefer. Otherwise, just bring water and a sweat towel

Q: How Busy Do Classes get?
A: This can vary and numbers range from 2 to 26.

Q: What classes should I start with if I haven’t exercised in a while, or if I am a beginner?
A: All of our classes are suitable for all fitness levels, abilities and experience. If you prefer a less busy Boxing class to start with, the mornings, 5.00pm and 7.30pm classes typically have less participants than the 6.15pm class.

Q: Do you have a creche?
A: We are a family friendly place and while we don’t have a creche as such, children are welcome to come and watch, or from as young as 8years old, join you in the class.

Q: What if I can no longer attend a class?
A: You can cancel out of your class booking online via your PT Minder account at your leisure, as long as it is outside of the 2hour cancellation timeframe (for evening classes) and a 12hour cancellation timeframe (for morning classes). Cancellations inside of this timeframe (unless in the case of an emergency), or no shows will attract a late cancellation fee of $10. If you need to cancel your class inside of the timeframe, you will need to message 0402 404 997, or the trainer for the class you are booked into. Please do not email as emails may not be received in time.

Q: Can I put my membership on hold?
A: If your going on holidays or expect to be away for a period longer than 1week, you can put membership on hold. There is no fee to do this but all we ask for is 7 days notice to process the hold. Please message 0402 404 997 or you can email the team via your PT Minder account.

Q: How do I cancel my membership?
A: Please message 0402 404 997 or email the team via your PT Minder account. You will need to allow up to 7 days for the cancellation to be processed.

Q: What is the best option if I can only attend one class per week?
A: We recommend either casual classes or purchasing a 10 class pass. If you are really enjoying your 1 class, and you decide you want more, an unlimited membership is best value.