The Benefits of Boxing and Kickboxing:

  • Boxing is highly suitable for fitness training.

  • Increased speed, power, timing, co-ordination, accuracy, cardiovascular fitness, muscular fitness, toning of upper & lower body, and core development.

  • Exercises and drills can always be modified to suit the less flexible and/or less experienced participant.

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What our wonderful members say

“I’ve been coming to BFF for over 2 years now. Every single trainer is welcoming, professional and makes each class fun. The music gets pumped up and you just go your hardest. Each class is different and you will have the best workout! BFF is like a community and everyone is so lovely.

Thank you to all of the amazing trainers and yoga instructors at BFF”

Steph S.

“I have been attending classes of the last few years and I absolutely love it! It’s not just boxing, its weights and body resistance training. The music in classes make you want to move and dance and the people are like a second family. As it’s indoors, no rain or hot smelly days to stop you. What I love is the classes are not repetitive and you won’t get bored. I highly recommend these guys! Plus, you can punch your stress away.”

Maria G.

“I came to BFF after many years away from boxing. What I found was a brilliant little “community within a community”, classes that are varied so I’m always kept on my toes (literally!) and caring trainers who go the extra mile. Getting your fitness back can be tough but it’s totally worth the effort. Join us!”

Rebekah H.